Special Events - 2017

On Friday, May 19 at 8pm at the Pacific Rim Institute (180 Parker Rd, just off Highway 20), Lou LaBombard, (see bio) member of the Seneca Nation and the Penn Cove Water Festival Association, will tell stories from Native American oral traditions including the Northwest Coastal groups, that will keep the entire family enthralled.

Native prairie flowers - Image by Joseph Sheldon

Lowland Prairie was managed and utilized by the Native Americans for thousands of years. Today, native prairie is Washington State's fastest disappearing ecosystem. Come and tour a remnant of this prairie at the Pacific Rim Institute. The prairie will be in full bloom and we can't wait to share it with you. Naturalists will take you off trail into the heart of the prairie and tell you about the natural history, the present state and the future plans for native lowland prairie here at the Pacific Rim Institute for Environmental Stewardship.

Click here for Directions to Pacific Rim Institute.

Island County Museum

The Island County Museum, located at the foot of the historic Coupeville Wharf, will be open (admission by donation) during the Water Festival. The museum interprets 120,000 years of Island County History: from an Ice Age tree trunk, to mammoth remains, to the first car on Whidbey Island.

There is something for everyone!

Don't miss the new "Native People - Native Places" exhibit, located on the Basement-level of the museum! This wonderful exhibit features the 160 year-old cedar dugout Snakelum Family Canoe, a smaller 2-person dugout, baskets, stone implements, early Water Festival memorabilia, and more!

(Please note: Museum restrooms are closed during the festival.)

See Russell Morton's amazing The Four Seasons of Water

We call him "The Bead Man" and his beaded tapestry will be on display on the Museum Porch near the Block House. Russell will be there to continue his beading project. Russell posted that "The Four Season's of Water construction will have passed 8 years this winter and continues to be ever more interesting. It is an ultimate form of intense - slow art. Intense remains relevant in our modern world, but slow is gone with the horse and buggy for regular travel."

The Schooner Suva

The Schooner Suva will be an Exhibitor at the Coupeville Wharf during the Festival. Dockside tours are available by donation. Come see and learn about this historic craft and how she has come home to Penn Cove. Visit Schooner Suva for pricing and additional information.

For more information contact Mark Saia at 1-360-969-1791 or info@schoonersuva.org.

Penn Cove Water Festival
Extending the Hand of Friendship

This year's 26th annual Penn Cove Water Festival, May 20, commemorates and celebrates connections with our Native American heritage. It is a fun-packed event filled with favorite Native American canoe races, performers, arts and crafts, youth activities and educational exhibits.

This event also provides a unique opportunity for local residents to become involved by "extending a hand of friendship" to the Native guests. In following the custom of Native Americans and First Nations of Canada, who show their hospitality to their visitors by presenting gifts, the community welcomes the participants through giving gifts of homemade bread.

You are invited to join in this gesture of hospitality by baking a loaf of bread (any kind from white, whole wheat to zucchini is acceptable). Your gift will be wrapped and presented to the distinguished guests, canoe pullers, entertainers, vendors and exhibitors.

The bread may be delivered to the Coupeville United Methodist Church on N. Main St. between 9:00-12:00 noon on May 19. A Penn Cove Water Festival committee member will be at the door to assist you. The gifts will be presented at the Opening Ceremony and throughout the day. For more information, call Ginny Vracin, 678-4644 or Anne Colligan, 678-7510.

Volunteers for other events are also needed on the day of the Festival. If interested, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Ricardo Reyes at 360-682-5250.

This is a free family festival. Save the date: May 20, 11 AM - 5 PM, for the Penn Cove Water Festival on Coupeville's Historic Waterfront.