More information on Where to Stay, or lodging or Where to Eat in Coupeville.

For accommodations, dining and visitor information on Whidbey Island, go to:

Whidbey/Camano Islands
Central Whidbey Chamber

There will be Food Vendors at the Farmersí Market, on Front and Alexander Streets and at the Boat Launch, as well as all the great Restaurants in Coupeville

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park for free in Coupeville?
  • At the spaces around the Island County Campus, 1 NE 7th St,
  • At the Coupeville United Methodist Church, 608 N Main St,
  • At the Farmers Market. A free Shuttle runs 11am-4pm

  • Is there special location for Handicap Parking In Town?
    Yes! In the parking lot at the Rec Hall for those with Handicap tags on or in the car. Volunteers will be attending the barricade to the lot entrance, located on Coveland between Main and Alexander Streets. Overflow is at 105 NW Coveland St/Coupeville Auto Repair

    Is there special location for Handicap Parking at the Boat Launch?
    No, but you are welcome to drop off a passenger, then park or use the free shuttle from the Rec Hall.

    Do you have Penn Cove Water Festival Merchandise?
    Yes, We Do!
  • T-shirts: Crewneck - $20 V-Neck - $22
  • Prior years shirts - $10
  • Official Poster - $10 (Prior Years - $5)
  • As well as Fine Art Prints and Cards

  • Can I bring my dog, cat, pet rock?
    The Penn Cove Water Festival is an outdoor event and pets are allowed. We ask that you use the trash receptacles and clean up after your pets. Also be respectful of other guests and keep your pets on a leash. Unfortunately, pets are not permitted in the Rec Hall, inside retail shops or restaurants.

    Where can I get cash?
    There is an ATM located at the Coupeville Rec Hall

    Where is the Lost & Found?
    REPORT LOST CHILD AT INFO BOOTH or to Radio Command in Rec Hall. Have a found Child wait at Info Booth or Rec Hall. Lost Items - At the Information Booth till the end of day, then at Marshall's Office at Coupeville Town Hall, 4 NE 7th St.

    Do you have a 1st Aid Kit? Yes, 1 at the Information Booth and 1 at the Boat Launch Registration Table.

    What is a Passport?
    It is a special activity to encourage the youth to visit various Educational Exhibits. They will get their Passport stamped at each location and once they have visited the required number, they can pick up a Prize at the Youth Activities Tent on the lot next to the Information Booth.

    Where can we get a Passport?
    At the Info Booth at Alexander and Coveland, at the Youth Activities Tent and/or from the Exhibitors

    Where is a good place to eat?
    See our Map.
    Note: F = Street Food Vendor or R = Restaurant.

    Where are the Arts & Crafts Vendors?
    On Front Street.

    Where are the Educational Exhibits?
    On Alexander Street

    What is out at the Wharf?
    Places to view canoe races, Exhibits inside the building & the Schooner Souva at the dock - No charge to view, but visiting Souva is by donation.

    Map and Directions to the Penn Cove Water Festival

    Although the May 2021 in-person Penn Cove Water Festival has been cancelled, in its place we will have a Virtual Water Festival event during Orca Month in June, partnering with Orca Network.

    (See Penn Cove Water Festival for details.)

    Below are the map of the Penn Cove Water Festival and driving instructions to Penn Cove. Click on the links below for printable .pdf's of map and driving instructions to Coupeville.