Whidbey Allied Artists
Art Show will be held in the Coupeville Rec Hall
May 11, 12 & 13

The Hamatsa by Roger Purdue

Wolf Mask by Joseph Albert

Spirit of The Orca

Eagle Rattle

During the Festival:
Shirts will be available at the Information Booth on Alexander Street, Art Prints & Posters will be sold in Rec Hall.

After the Festival:
Posters and Fine Art will be available in the Island County Museum while T-Shirts and Posters will be at The Harbor Gift & Gallery, on the Wharf in Coupeville.

Art Show

The Penn Cove Water Festival is pleased to be partnering with the Whidbey Allied Artists Show in Coupeville Rec Hall May 11 – 13, 2018. The WWA is a group of artists with diverse talents, interests and experience. With no “permanent” home they define themselves as a “floating gallery” to provide a wide variety of art to the public. Along with the WWA members, Sarah Purdue will also be showing works by Roger Purdue. For more information see: Whidbey Allied Artists.


Featured artists are (Stay tuned for updates):

1. Joseph Albert
Internationally known, Joseph, a native Seattleite, now lives on Whidbey Island. Joseph has been enamored with Native American and First Nation cultures and art, and folk art carvings since he was a child. As a result, he has collections of Northwest Coast and Southwestern Indian art, and folk art carvings from the Ozarks and Midwest. As a child of 10-1/2, Joseph emulated the Crow Indian ritual for male rite of passage and, during his vision, received the eagle as his totem.
Joseph’s work is in private collections in: England, Germany; Canada, Baja California, Mexico, Turkmenistan, and throughout the U.S. His work also has been accepted in Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival juried art shows and was awarded a prize in 2003. Joseph’s works may be viewed at the Penn Cove Gallery, Coupeville Washington and the Eagles’ Nest Inn, Langley, Washington.

2. Works by Roger Purdue
Roger Purdue (b.1938-d.2014) A celebrated local N. W. Coast artist of Tsimshian heritage who was a master carver and print maker. Roger created the Salmon Wheel & designed the Whale Wheel on the Coupeville wharf as well as the Water Festival logos for the last 25 years. Roger died in January of 2014 but his legacy will live on as his wife, Sara, and the PCWF Assocoation offer many of his prints and cards for sale to the public at this year's Native Spirit Art Show.

For accommodations, dining and visitor information, go to:


Jackie Feusier had brought back to life many of the works donated to PCWF by Roger Purdue in collaboration with Roger and then with his widow Sarah. Limited PCWF editions, printed by another benefactor, Dennis Hill, will be available at the Art Show along with the PCWF Posters and Art Cards. Sarah will also have other works by Roger available for sale.

Jackie passed away in February, 2018 and this year’s White Raven Logo is her last. The 2018 Festival is dedicated to her memory. She will be missed.